Ugas Irwanto Not only Visit Terrorist Convicts

Ugas Irwanto

While the daily activities of his family, namely dry gecko business as a source of income.

PROBOLINGGO, - Probolinggo District Secretary Ugas Irwanto brought souvenirs when visiting the families of terrorist convicts in Paras Village, Tegalsiwalan District, Friday (5/5/2023) morning.

This visit was welcomed by Irma Kurniati who is the wife of the convict. The purpose of this visit is to see directly the whereabouts and current conditions that are considered to be concerning.

While the daily activities of his family, namely dry gecko business as a source of income.

Ugas Irwanto explained that currently his party is visiting the convicts' families in Paras Village, Tegalsiwalan District as well as providing assistance because their condition is very alarming.

"For the house we will help through the RTLH program and the plan is to give it to Ririt Rahayu's family for the comfort of his life. What's more, assistance for beds and mattresses is currently needed at bedtime," he said.

According to Ugas, this activity was carried out as a form of concern for the Probolinggo Regency Government for Ririt Rahayu and his family. Because the condition he is experiencing is very concerning and deserves to be given assistance.

"Hopefully with the hospitality as well as the provision of assistance this will benefit his family and become better in his daily life," he hoped.

Meanwhile, the Head of DPKPP Oemar Sjarief said that he would realize what was conveyed by Ugas Irwanto regarding the rehabilitation inside his house by making room sketches for the sleeping break room as well as carrying out the plastering process which initially had a dirt floor.

In addition, the Probolinggo Regency Government through the People's Welfare Section agreed to provide assistance in the form of mattresses.

 "This is because during this visit his family members always sleep on the floor only on mats and are declared not good for health," he said.

Ugas Irwanto provided assistance in the form of basic necessities to Irma Kurniati, Napiter's wife. ig/fat



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