The Chairperson of the Kraksaan Probolinggo Journalist Working Group Invites Paiton Energy-POMI to Collaborate

Probolinggo journalists attended the Paiton Energy-POMI invitation.

PROBOLINGGO, – As an effort to strengthen synergy with journalists and mass media, PT Paiton Energy (PE) and POMI held a Gathering event in the form of Halal Bihalal on Tuesday (16/5/2023) at the Recreation Hall of Employee Housing PE - POMI (POH 1 ), Paiton District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java.

The synergy program with the mass media is part of Paiton bersiNERGY in an effort to maximize the Company's CSR programs. Paiton bersiNERGY is implemented using the Pentahelix approach, which is a multistakeholder partnership between the government, private sector, academia, civil society, and the mass media.

Bayu Widyanto took this opportunity to tell the media crew that he is very grateful that the Company has established good relations with the media, and hopes that in the future this synergy can be maintained so that good cooperation with the media crew continues.

"Still in the Paiton bersiNERGY tagline, we chose the theme Clean My Heart, Clean My Environment in this halal bihalal to remind the company's commitment to preserving the environment, including being active in climate change mitigation efforts through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs," added Bayu.

At the event, a short writing competition about PE – POMI was also held. The competition was held to find out what PE – POMI is like, including the Company's CSR program in the eyes of the media crew.

In this competition, journalists write with a pen on HVS paper and are limited to a minimum of three paragraphs with a time of 10 minutes. Through the articles written, the journalists present were also given the opportunity through their articles to contribute ideas and suggestions regarding the PE - POMI program for the future.

Rochman Hidayat in his remarks said that the Halal bihalal event was held to strengthen the good relations between the media in Probolinggo and the Company which have been well established so far.

"PE-POMI is committed to continuing the CSR program which is categorized into three focuses, namely supporting the sustainability of the Company (plant), socio-economic sustainability, and energy and environmental sustainability. Hopefully the collaboration with the media as one of the actors in the Pentahelix synergy can continue to support this commitment," said Rochman.

The Chairperson of the Kraksaan Journalists Working Group for Probolinggo Regency, Ahmad Faisol, welcomed PE-POMI for collaborating with journalists in the Pentahelix synergy.

“We support private companies that have a commitment and contribution to society and the environment. Because this is related to regional progress. The mass media is also responsible for advancing the region," said Faisol who is also a journalist. ig/fa

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