Prihanjoko arises Eid al-Adha prayer with officials

Timbul Prihanjoko

PROBOLINGGO, - Acting Regent of Probolinggo Timbul Prihanjoko together with Forkopimda and officials of the Probolinggo Regency Government, compactly held Eid prayers at the Ar-Raudlah Kraksaan mosque, Sunday (10/7/2022).

Appearing with Timbul were Kajari David P Buarsa, Regional Secretary Soeparwiyono, Assistant Ekbang Hasyim Ashari, Head of the Ministry of Religion S Bakhtiar, a number of OPD heads and representatives of Forkopimda.

Timbul invites people to imitate Prophet Ibrahim, his totality and loyalty is very high in carrying out God's commands.

He also invited to always strengthen coordination and communication between the government, religious leaders, community leaders and the wider community to contribute to each other in developing the Regency

"Coordination and communication are the beginning and play an important role in bringing Probolinggo Regency better," Timbul said during his remarks before the 1443 H Eid al-Adha prayer with thousands of people.

According to him, cohesiveness and cooperation are needed to recover in all sectors. He hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic will completely disappear and the PMK outbreak will end soon so that normal worship and the economy of the community, especially farmers, can recover.

Moreover, after going through the Covid-19 pandemic, this year again got a trial in the form of a Mouth and Nail Disease (FMD) outbreak that attacked livestock, especially cows.

According to Timbul, with the phenomenon of the Covid-19 pandemic and the PMK outbreak, the qurbani is increasingly giving us awareness that the property we have is not absolutely ours, but only a deposit from Allah SWT in which there are other people's rights.

“By sacrificing we are getting closer to Allah SWT. This is in line with the meaning of the sacrifice itself, which is to draw closer to Allah by carrying out His commands,” he stressed.

Acting as priest in the Eid prayer 10 Dzulhijjah 1443 Hijriyah at the Great Mosque of Ar-Raudlah Kraksaan was Habib Ali Al Kaff as Caretaker of the Nurul Qur'an Islamic Boarding School, Patokan Village, Kraksaan District as well as a preacher with the theme "Happy with Sharing" and Bilal Misnari Ilyas.

After the Eid al-Adha prayer 1443 Hijriyah, the Acting Regent of Timbul handed over a sacrificial animal in the form of a cow to the Takmir of the Great Mosque of Ar-Raudlah KH Sa'dullah Asya'ari.

This year, the Ar-Raudlah Great Mosque of Kraksaan City received sacrificial animals in the form of 6 cows and 17 goats from a number of OPDs, agencies and communities in Probolinggo Regency. ig


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